Grapple Buggy: A New Look At The Xbox Live Indie

We got to go hands on with Xbox Live Indie Games entry Grapple Buggy at E3 this year, a fine buggying session through a lush alien world. At the time, developer Nathan Fouts teased the game's story.

Now, we're getting a taste of some of that story, courtesy of a new Grapple Buggy trailer and some of the newly released spoken dialogue. Not a small undertaking for a tiny developer like Mommy's Best Games, something we weren't really expecting based on the game's original teaser trailer.

"I'm working to create a big boy story with room for moral choices by the player, and elegantly present it in a 2D side-scroller," Fouts says. "The player controls the buggy driven by a human and an alien, working together but, because of their natures, at odds with one another."


It's an interesting proposition, one made more interesting by the Metroid-like exploration possibilities and Bionic Commando style grappling. It's expected to hit Xbox Live sometime next year, something we'll keep an eye out for.

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(DEAD) Goldwings - Remembered for his bravery and heroism... xD

Other than that ladies voice, It seems like a quirky, fun game.

I have to say that between this, Shadow complex and Dust, I envy the Xbox 360 owners.

They might not have that many exclusive games coming out this year, but they're sure getting a bunch of unique XNA titles coming out.