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Gorgeous Grapple Buggy Looks Like Bionic Car-mando

Meet Grapple Buggy, an upcoming Xbox Live Community Games title that reaches deep within the psyche to reference fondly remembered games like Bionic Commando and Blaster Master, with a little Contra-esque alien design.

Boutique developer Mommy's Best Games—also responsible for the award-winning Community Games title Weapon of Choice—describes Grapple Buggy's gameplay as a "sumptuous blend of buggy-driving craziness and grapple swinging glee," which sounds almost as appealing as battling "terrifying xeno-fauna." But the game's debut trailer, showing off Grapple Buggy in motion, says more than any press release could hope to.


Based on the spectacular look of the Grapple Buggy and its clear attempts to tickle the portions of our brains that house misty watercolored NES memories, we're keeping an eye on this one. Officially, it's due to hit this Winter.

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I think after the dream build play competition this year, we'll be seeing a lot of high-quality games and the service will really turn around. I hope Kotaku does more reporting on the competition and the top tier games.