Grand Theft Auto V Screens Are Nice, But How About a Skyrim Final Fantasy Dragon in GTA IV?

We'll have tennis and dirt-biking in Grand Theft Auto V, but can we not also have a dragon that breathes fire while someone (the dragon?) does the Skyrim Fus-Roh-Dah shout?


Yes, we can, thanks to the ever-wonderful mod community that keeps on tweaking the PC version of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV. Follow YouTube GTA mod masters Taltigolt and Indirivacua for more of this kind of thing.


CORRECTION: Thanks to all who noted that this dragon is actually from Final Fantasy XI, shout be damned.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Dragon (MOD) HD [YouTube]

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Its a dragon from Final Fantasy XI. Think that one is Virta or Niddhog, been years since I fought them.

But yeah, Wrong freaking game Stephen Totilo