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Xbox 360 owners no longer need to leave their homes to commit heinous crimes, as Grand Theft Auto IV joins the Games on Demand lineup at a price that's actually rather reasonable.


Now the mean streets of Liberty City are only a 7GB download and $29.99 away from the net-connected Xbox 360 owner. The $30 price tag is consistent with retail prices on the Platinum Hits version of the title and only $5 more than GameStop charges for it used, so depending on how much you value your time and gas money, it might be a better deal to download the game via the Xbox Live Marketplace. If anything it will save those of you who traded the game back in after finishing the Lost and Damned DLC the embarrassment of having to re-purchase it again in order to experience the upcoming Ballad of Gay Tony expansion.

I know that feeling far too well.

Xbox 360 Games on Demand: GTA IV [Major Nelson]

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