Gran Turismo To Get Car Damage, Yes, "Soon"

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Hilarious. Gran Turismo series creator (and professional procrastinator) Kaz Yamauchi has said that car damage - whose absence has long been the achilles heel of the venerable racing series - will be introduced "soon".

In an interview with an official Audi promo piece on the Audi R8 from earlier in the year (February), Yamauchi says that GT fans can not only expect to see in-race weather changes in the future, but "we will soon be able to simulate damage to the cars" as well.

Course, this was meant to happen in Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. Then didn't. Then it was meant to be released later, via a patch for the title. Hasn't happened. Which leads us to think he probably means it'll be introduced in Gran Turismo 5 proper. Whenever that turns up.



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I'm glad I'm not a Gran Turismo fan, or the continued absence of this feature would drive me insane.

Hell, the absence of GT5 ITSELF would drive me insane.