Gran Turismo Creator Completes 25-Hour Car Race

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Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the Gran Turismo series, has earlier this month completed a 25-hour endurance race at Thunder Hill Raceway, California.

Yamauchi is of course no stranger to racing cars, but still. That's quite an achievement. I get antsy driving for 25 minutes. He of course didn't drive the entire 25 hours all by himself; he was a member of the "Spoon Sports" team, and shared duties with a car journo and two other Japanese race drivers.


"Not having a lot of experience in circuit driving, and not knowing what to expect in a 25-hour race, I was very relieved to find that I was able to reduce the 20-second gap between my laptimes and my teammates' at the beginning of the practice to almost zero at the start of the final race", he said. "It was a great feeling to confirm first hand that "Gran Turismo" has a positive effect in not just learning specific tracks, but also in raising the level of driving technique in the drivers themselves."

Always working, that Yamauchi. Always on the marketing trail. That's his car up top, with some footage of him driving round and round and round below.

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Maybe he should, I dunno, be working on his game that has been delayed for years?