Gran Turismo 6 Comes to PS3 for the Holidays

Gran Turismo 6 is headed for the PlayStation 3 this holiday season.

The game will feature 1,200 cars in its fleet at launch, along with seven new racing locations for a total of 33 tracks (with dozens of layouts.) There are plans for additional cars and tracks as downloadable content after release. The UK's Silverstone Circuit also will appear for the first time.


The statement officially announcing Gran Turismo 6 did not mention a PlayStation 4 version.

News of GT6 dribbled out this morning as overseas news outlets jumped the gun on an embargoed announcement time of noon today. Further, a Toyota rep got very chatty on Twitter at a Gran Turismo event at Silverstone today.

Sony's statement added that the game will have smartphone and tablet connectivity to support social and community features.


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