Government Affirms Mom's Right to Confiscate PS3 Until Piano Practice is Finished

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The police in Lake Oswego, Ore., a Portland suburb, pride themselves on the motto "no call is too small." And they took one, yesterday, that comes straight from the Sheriff Andy Taylor manual of community policing.


Yesterday, an 11-year-old picked up the phone and dialed 911 to report that his mother had taken away his PlayStation 3 on Monday — a school holiday observing Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday—and would not return it until he practiced piano. The dispatch operator patiently listened in to his pleadings, assessed the emergency and then calmly advised the boy that police would not be on the scene momentarily.

"Your mother can do that," the operator said.

Indeed she can.

Lake Oswego boy calls police after mother takes away his PlayStation [The Oregonian. h/t hillbillypr]

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Paradox me

I wish we had a piano that I was forced to play when I was 11. I'd probably be playing my favorite video game tunes on it now, 11 years later.

I suppose I'll just have to teach myself now, as daunting a task it seems.