Gothic Lolita-Themed Kitchen Knives Exist

What a time to be alive.

IT Media reports that that what’s being called “The World’s First Lolita Kitchen Knife” is going on sale in Japan.


Lolita” refers to the Japanese fashion subculture.

[Images: Takumi Armory]
[Images: Takumi Armory]

There are two types: the more Gothic-style Juliette, with a butterfly-inspired blade that’s etched with roses, and the pink Lappin, which features hearts. They are priced at 198,000 yen (US$1,776) and 168,000 yen ($1,507), respectively.

According to IT Media, the knives are made by a fourth-generation Japanese blacksmith, and these handcrafted blades are made-to-order.

GIF via Takumi Armory

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Lenny Valentin

I was gonna say something stingingly ascerbic about these knives - especially after reading the price - but as it appears they’re hand-crafted, I just can’t. A good craftsman deserves respect, and these knives actually are pretty cool.

Ridiculously expensive for what they do, sure, but I’m not going to judge people for what they spend their own money on... :P