Carded | LEIPZIG, GERMANY: A cosplayer attended a book fair in central Germany earlier this year. (Photo: Jens Meyer | AP)

Maybe Yakuza Friends Are a Bad Idea?

Last night, one of the biggest celebrities in Japan, Shinsuke Shimada, abruptly stated he was leaving the entertainment industry. Shimada, a comedian and talk show host, is the Japanese equivalent of a David Letterman or a Jay Leno-if either of them appeared on six prime time shows and... More »


This Is the Helmet You Are Looking For

R2-D2, the helmet. Created by Philadelphia-based artist and illustrator Jenn, this a do-it-yourself original. The force is strong with this one.
Jenn "sand-papered the crap" out of an old helmet, painted it, added the extra bit, and added a ton of clear coating. More »


That Studio Ghibli Game Is Finally Coming to the PS3 (But It's Expensive!)

About a thousand years ago, Fukuoka-based game developer revealed it was working on a PlayStation 3 version of Ni no Kuni, its collaboration with venerated anime house Studio Ghibli. More »


Why Charles Barkley Isn't Appearing in NBA 2K12

2K Sports attempted to include basketball great Charles Barkley in NBA 2K12's "NBA's Greatest" mode, showcasing dozens of superstars spanning the game's history, but the two sides were unable to reach an agreement bringing the hall-of-famer to the video game. More »


Kanye West Preparing a Big Call of Duty Concert

One of the world's most popular musicians will close the first official fan convention for one of the world's most famous games.
No, Lady Gaga is not rocking a Computer Solitaire con. More »

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