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Kanye West Preparing a Big Call of Duty Concert

Illustration for article titled Kanye West Preparing a Big emCall of Duty/em Concert

One of the world's most popular musicians will close the first official fan convention for one of the world's most famous games.


No, Lady Gaga is not rocking a Computer Solitaire con. Kanye West, however, is performing on day two of Call of Duty XP, the big Call of Duty fan convention in Los Angeles early next month. Winners hang out with winners, right?

Kanye is scheduled to perform on Saturday, September 3 in what CoD publisher Activision is crowing is Kanye's first public performance since the release of his and Jay-Z's Watch the Throne album.


Kanye closes up the Call of Duty convention, but Activision hasn't said who will be their performer Friday night. We expect to hear that soon.

Call of Duty XP runs from Sept 2-3 and costs $150 a person. A paid ticket gets you a copy of Modern Warfare 3 (a voucher, most likely, since the game isn't out until November), a world's-first hands-on with MW3's competitive multiplayer, live-action recreations of elements of the series and more. All proceeds go to the CoD veterans' charity, which makes you wonder: who is paying Kanye?

Kanye West Performing Live at Call of Duty XP [CoD XP site, via Twitter]

(Top photo by Chris Hyde | Getty Images)

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I HATE Kanye Fucking West with so much rage and anger that it could power the world for the next decade. He is the most arrogant, self righteous, self important, moronic, asshole the world has seen in a very long time. I rarely honestly wish harm on someone, but I was that he would die in a very painful way but only after being tortured until he realizes what a useless and generic piece of scum he is.

I mean I hate Justin Bieber too, he's a little entitled prick, but I'd see a hundred Bieber concerts before I even think of going to a quarter of one Kanye Concert. Fucking asshole, idiot, cum gargling, hack.