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Google's Most Searched Product List Lousy With Gaming

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Gaming may not be in the world's current zeitgeist, according to Google, but plenty of people are searching looking for video gaming deals.


The top searches this holiday season on Google Product Search include four video game-related pieces of hardware... and Uggs. So strange.

Topping ths list of millions of recent search queries conducted on Google Product Search in the U.S. is, you guessed it, the Wii. Number two is the Wii Fit, followed by the Xbox 360 in the number four spot and the Nintendo DS in the number five.


The full top ten includes lots of 'i's and one Ugg, while the Video Games and Toys category is dominated by video games.

All Categories
1. nintendo wii
2. wii fit
3. ipod touch
4. xbox 360
5. nintendo ds
6. ipod nano
7. uggs
8. nikon d90
9. zune
10. digital picture frame


Video Games and Toys
1. bakugan
2. guitar hero world tour
3. webkinz
4. gears of war 2
5. call of duty world at war
6. rock band 2
7. elmo live
8. wii music
9. fallout 3
10. littlebigplanet

By the way, if you're planning to run out to a story to pick up some Bakugan for this holiday, good luck with that. When we tried every store was totally sold out.


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