Reality Check: Games Not Really On Year End Zeitgist

It's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when most of your time is spent working on, writing about or reading about video games.

That's why the annual Year-End Google Zeitgeist report is so important to check out. Each year the folks at Google look through a year's worth of searching to spot trends. What did people search most often for? Which searches had the biggest increase during the year? Their list offers a fascinating insight into the world, or at least that part of the world populated by techies and computer owners.


Digging through the data I could find only one video game related search that made the list.

The Wii, it seems, is huge in the Netherlands where it showed up as the sixth most popular search word. Maybe Wii means something else in West Frisian?

So there you go, a year's worth of "big gaming news" of hardware sales, of video game launches, an entire billion dollar industry is boiled down to a single search term in the Netherlands.

Zeitgeist 2008

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