[Image: Topiclessbar]

When visiting South Korea, there are the traditional museums and sites to see. The country is soaked in history and culture, so there is much to do. Then, there are the more peculiar sites. You know, places like this sculpture garden dedicated to screwing.

Note: This article is NSFW and has content some readers might find offensive. It was originally published on July 11, 2013. It has since been updated.

Behold Jeju Loveland! Located in Jeju Island, the erotic theme park is home to over 140 saucy, silly, and downright funny sculptures that all have one thing in common: sex. No wonder the park is 18-and-up only. (There is a kid-friendly recreation area where adults can drop off their young ones while they go look at giant dicks.)

Back in 2012, blog Topiclessbar visited the park. You can see more terrific photos and read all about the place right here.

Loveland opened back in 2004 after art school grads began creating these interesting monuments to bumping uglies. The theme park is way over the top, which seems to invite visitors to take goofy pictures:

The island itself is a favorite destination for honeymooners, thanks to its beautiful mountains and beaches. This theme park is certainly not Jeju Island’s main attraction, but if you are visiting, it looks like fun.


If you are interested in visiting Loveland, you can find out more about “the only sexual theme park in Korea” right here.

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