Good Assassin's Creed Joke, Watch Dogs

Okay, I’m about nine months late to this, but I just finished Watch Dogs on Saturday. And I liked the little Assassin’s Creed joke I found in the game.


The joke appears to involve a specific scene from Assassin’s Creed Revelations, according to this video from the Access the Animus YouTube channel. Neat!

Late last year, I highlighted a Child of Light joke in Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Now I’m wondering if every Ubisoft game has a light-hearted joke at the expense of another Ubisoft series. That’d be fun, right?

Maybe it should even be official Ubisoft policy. Which Ubi game should make fun of which other Ubi game? You decide!

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Okay, I know that this is slightly off-topic, but here it is:

I got Watch Dogs for PS4 last Sunday, and I love it. I honestly don't understand the hate for it. What I've heard is how the graphics aren't as good as promised, but I'm not a graphics person. Also, I've heard that it has lots of glitches and performance issues. I've never run into any problems. And then people say that the story sucks and isn't good, but I found myself drawn in very much to the story.

I really don't understand it. I've also heard that it's just a sub-par GTA clone. Now, I've never played GTA, but unless it's the godly game that people hype it to be, I don't see how this is that bad in comparison.

So, I'll say it: I love Watch Dogs, and everything about it. The story, mechanics, and the overall experience I love.

Of course, everyone is welcome to their own opinion, and as long as you respect mine I'll respect yours. But I just don't understand the hate for it.