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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Hits on Nov. 29

Looks like we can stop wondering what's going on with Nintendo DS role-playing game Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.


Nintendo this morning said that the game will be hitting North American stores on Nov. 29.


Taking place 30 years after the events of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age for the Game Boy Advance system, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will drop players into a "planet-sized world of adventure to explore and conquer."

The game allows each of the playable characters to carry a Dijinn that gives the character special abilities. Players can collect more than 70 unique Djinn, granting them the ability to summon mighty deities who unleash devastating attacks that fill both Nintendo DS screens. Powers include flinging fireballs to burn away obstacles, freezing water to raise platforms, or summoning whirlwinds to create bridges out of floating objects.

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Did anyone else never use Djinn summons in these games? I felt like the stat decrease was always too much and instead fought with buffed up characters like a regular RPG (attacks/magic). I only did the Djinn summons to see what they looked like.

And to rape some impossible boss that I had to use a cheap strategy involving that summon that shoots the huge nuke that takes a few turns to land.