Nintendo revealed the releases dates this morning for its big Wii and DS games that will be out in North America this fall. Missing among them was one for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Is the game slipping? We're not sure.


We've had a request in to Nintendo today to find out, and will let you know. Unfortunately for Golden Sun fans, only December of 2010 still seems to have room on Nintendo's 2010 calendar. If the game doesn't get dated for then, we'll have to call it delayed.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, a role-playing game sequel to a pair of adventures on the Game Boy Advance, all from Camelot Software, was first revealed as Golden Sun DS at E3 2009, given its new name at E3 2010 in June and was shown to reporters both at the show and in the weeks that followed in the form of a playable demo.

As recently as this E3, Nintendo pegged the game as a holiday 2010 release.


The game is expected to be part of Nintendo's Gamescom showcase in Germany this week. It is the only game from that Gamescom line-up — and the only upcoming, announced game targeted by Nintendo of America publicly for 2010 release — that the company's U.S. division did not mention in its line-up update this morning.

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