Going Out Of Style

To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Hasta La Vista

You may have noticed this past week that I stopped italicizing video game titles. Though I strenuously profess my innocence, and vow I read of this requirement in our online style guide, apparently that is not the case.


I don't know why this is upsetting. It's definitely less work to have to go back and italicize every game title on every reference, headline, body copy or whatever. But I've been so trained to set that flag it's like asking me not to punctuate. I feel ... naked.

Anyway, no longer are video game titles to be italicized, no matter how cool it looks. And in headlines, all words are to be uppercased, even the prepositions and articles. I learned to write heds on New York Times headline style, which more or less lowercased the little shit.

It seems like it should be easier. But it feels like more work.

Still one thing will remain unchanged: "an historic" is the proper usage. Dad can kiss my ass.


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