Report: Crazed Harry Potter Fan Stabs Comic-Con Attendee In Face

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Comic-Con went a little insane today when a Harry Potter-loving attendee reportedly stabbed another man in the face with a pen at the convention center's massive Hall H. That alleged attack went down following today's Resident Evil: Afterlife panel.


According to a report from Entertainment Weekly on the incident, San Diego police arrested the alleged attacker after he was subdued by attendees. Another report on the matter from MTV says that the victim in the attack was attempting to hold a seat for a friend.

George Roush, a reporter for Latino Review, captured video of the alleged attacker being hauled off by police, the source of the snap above.



You know I find this whole story sad. Some guy was attacked because he was supposedly saving a seat, no crime here, but he fell victim to someone who just couldn't control their anger. Now this one person is in the hospital for just trying to help his friend, it sucks. What really sucks is if you look at it through the attackers point of view, here's someone who was excited to go this panel, probably something he waited all day for. Found no seats, but one (possibly there may have been more but that hasn't really been detailed for us) and tries to sit there, probably very excited. Some guy says "no I'm saving this for my friend" and then the attacker gets upset, like we all do when someone is saving a seat/parking spot/ or anything of that nature, the difference is he doesn't control himself. Maybe he can't, maybe he just had too much stress and just had it, or maybe this guy has a history of violence. He hits the guy with the one thing he has in his hand, a pen. The pen now goes into the other guys face, making this blow now a stabbing. Now the attacker gets pulled off of the guy by others probably before he realized he stabbed the guy (adrenaline really makes details disappear). Now hes being hauled away for an attack that he never wanted to do in the first place, and has to face the courts to determine his punishment. Before this guy is in the car he now has 5 or 6 people with camera phones or pocket cameras video taping the worst moment of his life, being spread around the internet.

Do I say he doesn't get what he deserves? (the attacker) No, these are the consequences of our actions. I do pity him, just as I pity the man who was stabbed (although I feel worse for the victim). Violent crimes like these are just sad from any perspective, this may have just been a moment of weakness for the attacker and he now has to carry that burden for the rest of his life. It's like when you say something mean to someone when they piss you off and as soon as you walk out/hang up, or what ever, you realize maybe you went a little too far. Difference is, one is physical the other is emotional. One is illegal and the other has no laws regarding it in anyway. We all make mistakes and we all have to live with them, some of us though are fortunate enough to be able to control our anger in most, if not all, situations.