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Despite Sony's own admission that the God of War Collection remakes are just "ports", that's not to say both games will be identical to their PS2 forebears when they hit the PS3.


That's because, aside from the stuff we already knew - 720p, 60 frames-per-second, 2x anti-aliasing - the collection's developers haven't ruled out making the odd upgrade here and there.


"So, we're still kind of evaluating," Sony's John Hight told IGN, "but we were prepared to upgrade the textures, at least on Kratos on both games, but honestly it's looking so good that we're thinking, you know what? It's probably better to keep it in its pure form".

Things are a lot less "maybe", a lot more "definitely" when it comes to the game's respective displays and user interfaces, however, Hight saying " It looked great back on the PS2 on a regular TV, or even an HDTV, but once you get into an HDTV running at 720p, some of the text gets a little weedy, so we are going to swap that out."

In talking up the visual upgrades to the game, Hight also moved to assure fans of the series that the meat and potatoes of both games - the gameplay - will remain completely untouched.

"If we open up that can of worms", he said, "we would probably spend another year trying to right any wrongs we may have had, or areas that were perhaps a little more difficult in retrospect than we had hoped they would be."


"Instead, we kind of took the stance that we want it to be the pure experience, what people would have played when they played God of War originally."

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