Persona 3 cosplay. Assassin's Creed IV cosplay. Star Wars cosplay. Hobbit cosplay. All these, and more, on this week's instalment of FANY PANTS *cue delightfully up-beat TV intro music*.

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Fancy Pants is Kotaku's weekly round-up of the best in video game cosplay (costume play), where fans dress up as their favourite characters.


STAR WARS | Cosplayer: Mu-An

BERSERK | Cosplayer: Junkers | Photographer: Martin Wong


ASSASSIN'S CREED IV | Cosplayer: Spaniel122 | Photographer: LittleNightingale

PERSONA 3 | Photographer: YumeJapanes


THE HOBBIT | Cosplayer: Anna Ormeli

BIOSHOCK INFINITE | Cosplayer: Angela Bermudez


X-MEN | Cosplayer: Ryoko-Demon | Photographer: Kifir