Gizmodo, Kotaku, Reggie: Who's The Best Virtual Archer

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Archery on Motion-Plus-enabled Wii Sports Resort is a surprisingly satisfying experience.


Like other motion-controlled sports games on the Wii, playing archery is fairly straight forward. You hold a remote in your off hand — left if you're right handed, right if you're left handed — and then lift the controller up at the screen as if it were a bow. Then you lift the nunchuk up to the bow as if were the string. Then you press a button, pull back the nunchuk and after aiming by tilting the bow, let go of the button to fire.

The game requires you to compensate for distance and wind and the bulls eye target which slowly moves side-to-side. The game has you fire off shots at the target from a number of set distances and then rewards points based on where the arrows hit.


Gizmodo's Matt Buchanan scored 59 points when he played it, I scored 61 when I gave it a whirl. Enthused by my close victory over Gizmodo, I asked Reggie Fils-Aime what his high score was. It sounded like he said 89, but that can't be true. Right?

Thanks to the addition of Motion Plus, archery on the Wii was a fun little game, allowing you enough control to make you feel like the game was more about skill than luck or timing. The ability to carefully aim your shots by tilting the bow made for a much more realistic experience.

I was pretty surprised at how responsive the game's controls were. They added enough to the experience to make me start to anticipate the coming of Wii Sports Resort.

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Color me excited. Did you get a hands-on with the kendo ,or disc golf, or ping-pong too?

I'd love to hear some impressions on those.