Gimli And Gollum Voice Risen

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It's a Lord of the Rings reunion on the PC and Xbox 360, as Andy Serkis and John Rhys Davies join the voice cast of Piranha Byte's next big role-playing game, Risen.


No stranger to portraying digital creations, Andy "Gollum" Serkis will be portraying someone named The Inquisitor in Risen, which sounds fairly ominous and perhaps a bit dire. Meanwhile, John "Gimli" Rhys Davies will be stepping into the shoes of Don Esteban, a role he's prepared for by appearing in everything from Sliders to the Indiana Jones franchise. Joining the two Lord of the Rings stars is Lena Headey - Sarah Connor of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - as Patty.

Perhaps publisher Deep Silver could have provided a bit more background information on the characters along with this announcement, as we really have no idea who The Inquisitor, Don Esteban, and Patty are. They seem to think we should be excited, so woo!

Rather than go over the rest of the cast one by one, I'll go ahead and post the paragraph from the official release below. It's mainly British television actors, and aside from the guy who plays Owen in Torchwood I find myself at a complete loss.

Serkis, Rhys-Davies and Headey are joined by a lineup of some of the most recognizable British TV actors; Fincher is played by Torchwood actor Burn Gorman, Larkrise to Candleford star Brendan Coyle takes the role of Commandant Carlos, Damian O'Hare who starred in medical drama The Royal plays Olf. I'm Alan Partridge regular and Star Stories narrator Simon Greenall plays Luis. Oscar is played by Grange Hill actor Donald McCorkindale while fellow Grange Hill actor and Secret Diaries of a Call Girl star Stuart Organ plays Brogar. The Archers actress, Louiza Patikas represents Sara and Timothy Watson who has starred in countless TV dramas from Eastenders to Casualty takes the role of Romanov.


Michael Dukakis

John Rhys-Davies really is one of my personal favorites. It may have to do with my love of Sallah in Indiana Jones. :D