Giant LEGO Ball Machine is an Exercise in Eyeball Intimidation

Japanese LEGO builder Akiyuki makes complex machines out of plastic bricks and pieces. Which kind of doesn't prepare you for what you're about to see.


He's combined all sorts of arms, swingy-things and other devices into this enormous Great Ball Contraption, a sort of Rube Goldberg machine for robots. And balls.

There are 17 individual machines from beginning to end. An 18th might be needed just to get my jaw off the floor.

LEGO TECHNICからくり部屋 [Akiyuki, via Brothers Brick]


Nicholas Payne

The fact that the whole contraption is self-sustaining, and not some one-off that has to be manually reset after every go is mind boggling to me. It even had some rudimentary error correction systems built-in. Amazing.