Ghost Recon Designer Auditions For...Survivor

Illustration for article titled Ghost Recon Designer Auditions For...Survivor

You may think that, in 2010, TV show Survivor was totally irrelevant. Without interest. And you'd be right, except for this: a submission tape from Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter designer Christian Allen.


Aside from designing video games, it seems Christian is also a wilderness nut, Alaska native, former Marine and bear shouter. Oh, and poncho lover.

Sadly, it appears he missed out on a spot in the most recent series, so the most we can hope for now is a fire-starting, bear-punching mini-game in Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

[thanks Angeline!]


Wow, he shouts at bears!

He should skip survivor and just apply to Sasuke (Ninja Warrior)...