Get This Tron-Inspired 360 Controller Before Supplies De-Rez [Updated]

The $49.99 price tag for this Tron-inspired Xbox 360 controller may not suggest that it's anything special. What makes it a collector's item? Only 250 were made. Update: Supplies have de-rezzed but PDP has others available, in blue.


That, and the fact you may only buy it online from Performance Designed Products. Promotional copy says this controller represents Clu, the dictator of the Tron world in Tron: Legacy. Functionally speaking, this is a wired controller, but that does appear to be the super-swivel action kung-fu grip directional pad at lower left.

Site says the availability is "late December" but we're told it's available in time for the film's premiere this weekend.

Xbox 360 Limited Edition TRON Controller PRE-ORDER []

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