Get A New Bird's Eye Look At Firefall

For a game that the developer will be handing out for free, Firefall looks impressively promising. The large scale team-based online shooter—don't call it an MMO—is certainly pretty from way up here.

It's also pretty handsome on the ground, where much of the shoot 'em up action will take place. Given the game's Tribes and World of Warcraft pedigrees, we're curious to see if developer Red 5 Studios can pull it all off. We'll find out when Firefall ships later next year.


For eyes-on impressions of the game, don't miss our PAX 2010 preview of Firefall.

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This looks so fucking amazing.

I really hope they have a sortof fee you can pay though that unlocks everything, instead of having to do everything through stupid microtransactions.

If I end up loving the game, I'd gladly pay out 50 bucks to get all the content, I won't end up buying a ton of crap for 2-5 bucks a piece, I absolutely HATE microtransactions.

I'd rather have a monthly fee than those . What I REALLY prefer though is paying a decent amount for the game, and then getting everything in it... like we used to.