Reader Thomas M. sends along this steal - fuck, it's a heist. Not only is it $1,200 for a 3-month XBL sub, it's also a *used* card. And you still have to pay shipping.

If you really look at it, though, that's $400 a month for Xbox Live, and really, how much do you spend on booze and Internet porn in a month? You know, some antisocial experiences are worth a premium. Make Xbox Live yours.


Watch me find out this isn't a typo, and is in fact some new pricing structure coming down the tubes from Microsoft. Next up: Microsoft points available in quantities of 62, 27 and 4.67 - for $90, $45 and $15 respectively. Note to fanboys: I am fucking kidding, OK?

Amazon: Used and New - Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Card

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