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German Pols Have a LAN Party in the Reichstag

Illustration for article titled German Pols Have a LAN Party in the Reichstag

Germany's government has a rather sensitive relationship with video games. Reports of official censorship often involve the country, either for violent content or the fact that Nazis are useful game antagonists - and you know how they feel about that. Sensational crimes with ties to "Killerspiele," have stirred calls for outright bans of violent games.


Seeking a détente of sorts, three game-positive members of Germany's parliament hosted a LAN party in the Reichstag. The games played included Counter Strike, a game linked to the 2009 shooting spree that killed 15 and roiled opposition against games. The pols also played racing games and motion-controlled tennis.


The MPs reasoned that the party could spread goodwill and an understanding of games, which are a part of daily life for younger Germans even if, for those who came of age before games, "the door is now unfortunately closed," to them picking them up as a leisure pursuit.

Politicians celebrate LAN party in the Reichstag [N24; image via Wikipedia. Thanks dnadns]

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Killer Toilet

Last time gaming had to do with the Reichstag, was Dome in World at War.

Hopefully Germany will eventually stop banning games due to content, when every other country around them won't do it.