German Cops' Union Boss Issues Tired Plea to Ban Games

Heini Schmitt (pictured), head of the Hessen German Police Union, spouts ignorance about "killerworlds" and "killergames," two terms I've never heard before, but apparently describe a grave public health and safety menace in Germany.

Of course, that's where there was as shooting rampage (amoklauf) nearly a couple weeks back, which because it involved a teenager, meant video games were somehow responsible. Even though Schmitt acknowledges a lack of proof that "that these frequent escapes into virtual killerworlds can contribute to such insane deeds," he goes for a lower standard - probable cause! - in justifying their outright elimination.


From a translation provided by GamePolitics (by EchoOnline):

When a chance to remove a probable cause exists, it must be used, insisted the chief of the national police union. "The world would be no poorer if there were no more killergames."

You can speak any language and see the logical extreme here. The world would be no poorer for the absence of a lot of things. It certainly would be more bland, though.

Head of German Police Union Calls For Ban on Violent Video Games [

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