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Gengar Backpack, I Repeat, Gengar Backpack

All the benefits of a real Gengar without all that dream-eating nonsense

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A backpack modeled after Gengar with straps visible.
Lookin’ good, buddy
Photo: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Center, the official store for Pokémon merch, updated its inventory with a bunch of new stuff today. But let’s be real, we’re here to gush over that Gengar backpack, baby.

“Get out there with the Gengar Backpack in vibrant purple!” the accessory’s description reads. “A toothy grin and plenty of space to carry anything you need for a day out!”


The squishy backpack is selling for $24.99 but also doubles as a simple Gengar plush by hiding the straps away in the Ghost- and Poison-type Pokémon’s back. And much like in the video games, the backpackified Gengar is a chonky boy—measuring 10.5 inches wide and standing over a foot tall—meaning it can be stuffed full of other Pokémon stuff or snacks or maybe even illicit drugs. Gengar’s mouth is a judgement-free zone.

A Volbeat plushie pokes out of the back of the Gengar backpack.
Volbeat, no!
Photo: The Pokémon Company

While I don’t have hard data to back it up, Gengar has always felt like one of the more popular Pokémon. That’s probably why it’s constantly being used for cool merchandise like this; as a Koffing fan having to make do with scraps, I’m very jealous.

Case in point: Earlier this year, The Pokémon Company partnered with Bandai to put out a unique Gengar plush featuring a hollow mouth and roll-out tongue for use as a bed or even just a place to hide your head for a few seconds at work. Our readers naturally took those official images and, for the most part, made them even more horrific.

Outside of the main Pokémon series, Gengar was also playable in Pokkén Tournament, a wonderful fighting game that deserves more love, and is set to appear in the franchise’s new MOBA title, Pokémon Unite, which is currently in beta testing. Dude gets around, is my point.

Other items added to the Pokémon Center website today include a series of “relaxing” plushes, a duffle bag that looks like a Pokémon Go incubator, and a Gengar beanie. Pair the latter with the backpack and you’ll absolutely be the coolest person on the block, at least with all the aging millennials desperately hanging onto the fleeting vestiges of their youth.