Gears of War 2 RC Centaur Tank Verdict? "Garbage"

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While that Gears of War 2 remote control Centaur Tank might looks good in blurry newspaper scans — that's about it, it seems. Italian site HobbyMedia brings word that RC car site Big Squid RC has reviewed the tank. It's a video review, because something must be seen to be believed.


The tank was included with the Gears of War 2 limited edition pack at Best Buy. Apparently, it's a US$30 value.


Hit the jump for the review.

And for those who like reading, too, here's the written review.

Gears of War 2 Centaur Tank Review [HobbyZip via HobbyMedia]

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Bearded Bastard

thos crapy little rca cars, from the source or radio shack even move on carpet, this thing is to heavy for the motor, and the motor is a fairly decent one, i tyook the whole thing apart and got rid of alot of useless crap made it lighter faster and so on, i ground down the contact points so mine actually turns and moves now, i managed to clear enough room to fit one of thebigger mototrs froma n old rc car into it, now, with the bonus of turning, it moves more than 300% the speed of the originals, and now i am happy. working on some o2 modification to get the cannon to actually work too!.

all in all, super good for free, gives you taht 30 bucks to tinker with it and make it not useless/