Best Buy Ad Featuring Gears 2 RC Tank

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Last week a Best Buy tipster emailed us pictures from a pre-holiday meeting in Dallas showing off what they said was a picture of the Limited Edition pre-order the retailer will be offering for Gears of War 2 starting on Oct. 5. The GOW2 Limited Edition order will, according to the pictures, include a free remote control Centaur Tank normally worth about $30. Pretty sweet. Today another tipster sends us what they say is a scan for next week's Best Buy circular featuring the mini tank in all of its glory. Consider this a rumor until we see something official. If it is real, the fact that the images avoid anything that would put the toy's size into perspective leads me to think it's super small. Like mouse-sized even. Which would be totally OK with me. According to the Ad above the tank will be available to those who pre-order the L.E version. Also the tank will not be available until November 7th when you pick up your copy of the game.

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I'm interested. If anything i'll scare the shit out of my dog with it.