If it's good enough for Modern Warfare 2, it's good enough for Gears, apparently. Microsoft is holding a contest for Japanese Gears Of War 2 fans that could net them a pair of night vision binoculars and a BBQ set.

Sure, Gears aficionados can also win a replica Lancer gun, but it's the option to grill outdoors in pitch black that will probably get Japanese gamers excited. All they have to do is watch a Gears Of War 2 promo video at the game's official Japanese site, find the hidden password buried within, and then throw their name in the hat.

The company is also hosting a Horde tournament for Japanese Xbox 360 owners, netting serious Gears players things like a sweet new TV, 5.1 surround sound headphones and other prizes. But hey, they're giving away BBQ sets. Two of 'em! You probably stopped reading at BBQ set.

マイクロソフト、Xbox 360「Gears of War 2」発売に合わせてランキングイベントなどを実施 [Game Watch]