Brothers In Arms developer Gearbox Software recently filed four new titles for trademark, all ending with "War Hero." Gearbox president Randy Pitchford says the new intellectual property is part of its "interests" but not yet ready to be revealed.

"The news of the Gearbox Software 'War Hero' related trademarks exposes a bit about our interests in the development of another original intellectual property," Pitchford say.

The Texas-based developer, currently slaving away on Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines, looks to be getting back in the war game with War Hero. In a statement, Pitchford says in a statement that War Hero "is something down the road for us."

"It's not signed with a publishing partner yet as we haven't even talked to any potential partners about it," Pitchford cautions, "So we're certainly not ready to talk about it publicly at the moment."


"Right now, our attentions are focused squarely on kicking ass with Borderlands and we are *really* excited to be finishing Borderlands up for release this year," he added in his statement. "We're all gaga around here over the way Borderlands is shaping up, so if you want to see the new hotness, definitely keep your eyes on Borderlands."

Also, Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands. We look forward to it!

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