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GDC Boss Jamil Moledina Resigns

Illustration for article titled GDC Boss Jamil Moledina Resigns

Sad news. Think Services' Jamil Moledina - the Event Director behind the Game Developers Conference - has today announced his resignation from the company. Moledina will be off to pursue "other interests". It's a big loss for the event, because the guy had a lot of passion for the job, and was really the driving force in turning GDC into one of the premier events on the gaming show/expo calendar. He'll be succeeded by Think Services' Meggan Scavio. All the best, Jamil! [Image]


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That's unfortunate. I've read about how many developers like the convention and how they feel greater admiration for winning an award there because it's based off the votes of other fellow developers. I hope Jamil's replacement is able to keep that atmosphere in the upcoming conventions.