Garden Warfare Looks Like Battlefield with a Plants vs. Zombies Mod

Here's a look at about 6 minutes of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare's "Gardens & Graveyards" multiplayer, which PopCap calls "a remix of Rush and Conquest gameplay modes from Battlefield but with a PvZ spin."


The similarities end there, because I'm not sure Rush or Conquest features carnivorous plants that can tunnel underneath you to score an unrevivable kill. Also, engineer buttcrack at 2:38, pretty sure that's not featured in Rush and/or Conquest.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare supports up to 24 in multiplayer. The map you see above is called "Driftwood Shores," likely an homage to the city where Electronic Arts headquarters is located. The game is a Microsoft timed exclusive (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows PC) and arrives Feb. 18.


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The game is a Microsoft timed exclusive

I thought it was a full-on exclusive.

Does this mean there is a chance, even a slim one, that this could appear on the Wii U? I really hate that they unnecessarily gimped the local multiplayer on the Xbox 360 version just to sell the Xbox One.