Gametrack Freedom Dated by EB Games

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Announced back in March for release fall, Xbox 360 motion controller Gametrak Freedom has a solid release date: October 15.

Designed by third party maker Performance Designed Products (PDP), the Gametrak Freedom comes bundled with mini-game title Squeeballs: Island Party. Yours for US$69.99.

Instead of one sensor bar like the Wii uses, Gametrak Freedom uses two sensors that are placed on either side of your TV. Expect the PS3 to get a Gametrak controller sometime in 2010.


Squeeballs: Island Party with Controller [EBGames Thanks, jrey508!]

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Mister Jack

Hm. You're playing Squeeballs by jerking this long, shaftlike controller around.


There's a joke in there somewhere, but damn it, I'm just not clever enough to dig it out.