GameStop's New Rewards System Could Be Your Ticket To E3

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GameStop is currently surveying customers about a new points-based rewards system for customers that could be your ticket to the E3 Expo.


In a survey sent out to customers who've signed up for the company newsletter (like myself,) GameStop is shopping around a new free customer rewards program that would see visitors earring points for every dollar spent or game traded, which can then be redeemed for various prizes and special benefits, including "An all-access entry pass into E3 or Comic-Con."

Of course that particular reward is listed in the top tier of benefits, requiring a customer rack up 501+ points. According to the survey information, 10 points will be rewarded for every game, system, or accessory traded in, along with one point for every dollar spent. Points are accumulated throughout the year, depleted once traded in for benefits ranging from coupons and trade discounts to "A life-sized video game character like a Master Chief Statue" or "A free trip (air, hotel, plus the all-access entry pass) to E3 or Comic-Con."

I am guessing there will be some steep stipulations for that trip, and these details could very well change. I can blow through $500 at GameStop in a good month, and that's not even figuring in trades.

Check out the full listing, directly from the survey, below. Note that a 12-month Game Informer subscription is one of the Reward Level 3 benefits, which might lend itself to the new Elite Program included in the survey, which you can see following the first listing.


Now you can earn points toward great rewards, just for buying or trading at GameStop. – a little "thanks," from us to you.

It's FREE to join. It's GameStop Rewards. All you have to do is sign up with your email address at your local GameStop and you'll get a membership card so you can immediately start earning points. As a member, you will also get sneak peek previews of new titles delivered to your inbox or mobile device, a 3-day free trial on previously owned games and early access to trailers and other new insider game content.

HOW TO EARN POINTS: Flash your card whenever you make a purchase or trade and you'll earn 10 points for each game or system you trade in and one point per dollar spent on new and previously owned games. Accumulate and spend your points all year long. Choose from a variety of rewards from the GameStop Rewards catalog. Cool, new and exclusive stuff is added every few months!

There will also be bonus and double point earning opportunities throughout the year, which means you reach higher levels - faster.

HOW TO GET REWARDS: Here are examples of point levels and the kind of rewards you can earn. Go online any time to check out the GameStop Rewards catalog, or we'll let you know at least once every few months that GameStop has added new rewards – like exclusive collector's items or rare game-related rewards and experiences that you would expect from GameStop.


* A coupon for 20% off a strategy guide
* A free beta version of a new game
* A one-time power trade offer – 15% bonus trade-in credit


* A one-time power trade offer – 20% bonus trade-in credit
* Various opportunities to customize content like a team logo, stadium or Xbox lobby background
* Discount off a collector's edition of a game
* A one-time-use certificate good for a $5 shipping fee with the purchase of any new game


* A12-month subscription to Game Informer
* A one-time power trade offer – 25% bonus trade-in credit
* Exclusive in-game accessories like a weapon, player or instrument
* An exclusive mini-game
* Access to chat and provide feedback/ideas directly to game developers
* One free previously owned game


* An all-access entry pass into E3 or Comic-Con
* A life-sized video game character like a Master Chief Statue
* One free new game
* A $50 GameStop Gift Card
* A free trip (air, hotel, plus the all-access entry pass) to E3 or Comic-Con

Get more out of gaming at GameStop, because only GameStop brings power to the players.

Along with the free rewards program, GameStop is also looking at redoing its current Edge program as GameStop Elite, giving the normal %10 discount and trade bonus on used titles for a reduced price of $10, without the attached Game Informer subscription.


Now in addition to GameStop Rewards, you can get an extra edge on valuable bonuses and savings when you add a GameStop Elite membership. Just flash your card at the register. It's that easy.


* An additional 10% price discount on all your previously owned games and accessories, and strategy guide purchases
* An additional 10% trade-in bonus on all your game and accessory trade-ins

Your Elite membership gives you a full year of savings for only $10. It can more than pay for itself in no time!

Get more out of gaming at GameStop, because only GameStop brings power to the players.


Interesting ideas, but I really wouldn't get your hopes up about that E3 trip. It's never that easy.



Remember 501+ doesn't mean at 501 points you get to go to E3. They could very well demand upwards of 2000 to 500000 points. :P