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You remember when "tournament" used to mean knights in armor and jousting and stuff? Of course you don't. Everyone knows "tournament" means "chess" or "video games" now.


GameStop announced today that it would hold the "world's largest" Modern Warfare 2 tournament kicking off Nov. 20 both online and at 2,900+ US GameStop locations that might be near you. I wonder if the fact that it's the world's only Modern Warfare 2 tournament makes it the world's largest...?

There are actually three different tourneys. The first is the US-only Xbox 360 one on one tourney where Round I takes place in-store, Round II takes it to Xbox Live and the finals go down in some as-yet undecided location — grand prize is $5,000. Then there are the International four on four tourneys for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, which you can find at The top four teams from each platform will go to the finals to duke it out for a $10,000 grand prize.


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