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Still flagging this as rumor, but it sounds like GameStop and Activision might have bargained a deal that allows your neighborhood McGame chain to retail Call of Duty: World at War a day early. PlanetXbox360 says it spoke to a manager (incidentally, the writer's friend, which is why this remains rumor), who verified that at 5 pm on Nov. 10, you can grab it. Not sure how this affects pre-orders but my guess is that's all good too. Unless of course they get swamped an run out, in which case it sucks to be you. For sure this is a reach for buzz and long lines hype, but hey, a day early is a day early. For the rest of us without a GameStop in our existence, the CoD:WaW drops Nov. 11. GameStop will be Selling COD:World at War One Day Early [PlanetXbox360]


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