Left’s research account, Citron, hasn’t posted on Twitter since yesterday. “Suck it, @CitronResearch,” a GameStop investor relations parody account tweeted today.


GameStop’s current stock situation then likely has less to do with its long-term prospects actually looking up than chaotic amatuer day-traders exacerbating existing weirdnesses in the marketplace. Some of those bullish on GameStop’s fortunes may have rightly sniffed out that short sellers were too negative on the company’s future. As with everything on the internet, what may have started as some people trying to (and succeeding at) making a bunch of quick cash has become much more, including a sort of crusade against Left as well as an unlikely source of GameStop fandom.

Earlier this month, GameStop announced Ryan Cohen would be taking a seat on its board. Cohen is formerly the CEO of the pet food website Chewy.com, but he’s already become a golden boy meme in the world of GameStop stocks. Search his name on Twitter and you’ll find people tweeting things like “Papa Cohen will take us all to mars suit up homies it will be a bumpy ride to the [rocket emoji] so u don’t fall off.”


It’s hard to know how much of this is genuine cult of personality, and how much of it is internet irony, but it speaks to what a bizarre moment GameStop is having right now and the unlikely confluence of events that created it.

Update - 11:53 a.m. ET, 1/25/21: GameStop stock is once again having a wild day. After closing at close to $65 a share on Friday, it’s spent all morning today jumping up and down, spiking at close to $120 a share before briefly diving back below $100. The rapid jumps caused trading to temporarily be halted at one point.