GameStop Officially Wants Your iPhone, iPads, and iPods

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Video game retailer GameStop officially gets into the Apple business today with the launch of its long-rumored iPhone, iPad, and iPod trade-in program. How much will they pay for your old Apple crap?


Time to dig through your things for those old Minis, Shuffles, and Nanos; GameStop wants them, and it wants them bad. The retailer is now accepting any device from those Apple product lines, along with any generation iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Just bring the device in good working condition, relatively free of cosmetic blemishes, and they'll give you trade-in credit or (20% less) cash.


The credit isn't too shabby either. The store I called told me I could get $150 credit for a 16GB iPhone 4, or $200 for a 32GB original iPad with 3G support (the Wi-Fi-only version was worth $175).

"By trading in iOS devices, GameStop customers have yet another source of funds to put toward the purchase of new and pre-owned games, DLC, digital PC games and more," stated GameStop president Tony Bartel. "This is especially significant with the great title line-up slated for this fall."

The store manager also confirmed earlier rumors that GameStop stores across the country would begin selling the traded devices at a later date, but had no specifics.


Check out the link below to see if your device qualifies for trade. You could always save up the credit for a shiny new GameStop-branded Android tablet down the line.


GameStop iDevice Trade-In Page [Official Website]

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I understand much of the Gamestop hate and apprehension I encounter with other gamers. I guess I am curious where people think the best place to purchase games is? There aren't many independent game retailers, and those don't always have exactly the things I want (though often they do have crazy parts and accessories I could never find anywhere else!).

Let's say, EXCLUDING independent retailers (Steve's Gaming Conclave etc), What corporate beast do you guys feel most comfortable buying through? ...Best Buy? Gamestop? Target? Just curious of opinions and why. Let's leave Steam out of this, focusing more on games for consoles.

I tend to buy half of the time from my favorite indie retailer, and the other half of the time, I just swing by the 24 hour Best Buy at 2am and make a quick purchase. I know they don't quite have the selection as maybe Gamestop, but they harass me less.