GameStop No Longer Selling PSP Games In 25% Of U.S. Stores

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Gaming retailer GameStop is cutting down on its inventory, removing PSP games from a quarter of its stores, Kotaku has learned.


"The consolidation is occurring to maximize the merchandising space in the smallest 25% of stores," a GameStop representative told Kotaku. "It will also provide a greater assortment in those stores that will continue to carry the category."

This may be one sign that the aging (and underperforming) PSP is on its way out in North America. Sony released the handheld's successor, PlayStation Vita, this February.

GameStop will continue to sell PSP games at its bigger locations and on its website,

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Yep, this literally happened THE week I was going to finally buy some PSP games from them. It was about two weeks after I saw that they had a lot of games I wanted for cheap, Dissidia Duodecim, Tactics Ogre, Persona 3, The Third Birthday, etc. Then I come in with my first paycheck money hoping to go on a bit of a spending spree or at least picking up Tactics Ogre. The clerk tells me that they no longer carry PSP games.

There are two more GameStops in my general area, 45 minutes away in seperate directions, guess I should check those sometime soon, but I'm going to bet they fall in the 25%. Looks like my PSP collection will be going digital soon, probably for the best seeing as I want a Vita.