GameStop Looking To Offload Its Xbox 360 Elites?

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On Monday, we wondered where all the 120GB hard disk drives for the Xbox 360 had got to. This GameStop promotion may help explain what's going on.


It's offering a $50 GameStop gift voucher with every Xbox 360 Elite console sold. Out of the blue, not long after official price cuts and the holiday season. Considering almost everybody buys a few games or at least a second controller with their console, it's effectively a temporary $50 price cut.

Why the rush to get Elite consoles out the door? Well, if you look on GameStop's site, the regular Elite bundle is "Currently Not Available Online". It's not available at Best Buy, either (only the holiday bundle is). Same with Walmart.

Sounds to us like the previously limited edition, 250GB "Super Elite" Xbox 360 is about to replace the regular 120GB model of the Elite.

[thanks FFoF!]


With games on demand, even 250 gb sized systems aren't big enough for people like me who love digital distribution. I can't stand switching discs, which is why I buy/play most of my games through Steam and Impulse these days.

I guess their focus groups are telling them that consumers aren't biting that much yet. It's shame because I'd buy tons of games digitally for the convenience.