250GB Xbox 360 Looking More Likely

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One listing for a 250GB Xbox 360 could be an accident. A typo. But two in two days, on opposite ends of the planet, well, that's something else.


This is an ad from South African retailer BT Games, showing a "Super Elite" Xbox 360 that packs a 250GB HDD. Interesting. Certainly makes the German version seem a lot less like an error and a lot more like a genuine product.

Perhaps even more telling than the South African listing, however, is Microsoft's response to yesterday's Amazon Germany reveal. Asked for comment on the supposed leak, Microsoft did not respond with their customary "We don't comment on rumours and speculation", instead telling Kotaku "We've made no such announcement".

No, you haven't. A couple of retailers have made it for you!

250GB Xbox 360 Super Elite coming to SA in October [xboxgaming]


I can't imagine ever- for any reason, in any length of time- needing a 250 GB HDD for my 360. Shoot, I can't imagine even needing a 120. Maybe I just don't download as much as other people do.