Amazon Germany Lists 250GB Xbox 360

Online retail listings are largely a joke. A place where the hopes and dreams of unicorns are placed. Online retail listings on Amazon Germany, however, are something else altogether.

In late July, Amazon Germany leaked listed a "PlayStation 3 Konsole slim". We got a PS3 Slim. Maybe this was a lucky guess, but Amazon Germany was correct.


This time on the Fatherland's Amazon site, there is a 250 GB Xbox 360 Elite bundled with 2 wireless controllers and Forza Motorsport 3. All yours for €279.99 (US$400). The biggest HDD Microsoft is currently selling for the Xbox 360 is 120GB.

There has been no official announcement of such a bundle from Microsoft. Maybe this is another lucky guess. Maybe Amazon Germany is correct. Again.

We are following up with Microsoft.

Xbox 360 - Konsole Elite 250 GB inkl. 2 Wireless Controller + Forza Motorsport 3 []

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