Amazon Germany Lists 250GB Xbox 360

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Online retail listings are largely a joke. A place where the hopes and dreams of unicorns are placed. Online retail listings on Amazon Germany, however, are something else altogether.

In late July, Amazon Germany leaked listed a "PlayStation 3 Konsole slim". We got a PS3 Slim. Maybe this was a lucky guess, but Amazon Germany was correct.


This time on the Fatherland's Amazon site, there is a 250 GB Xbox 360 Elite bundled with 2 wireless controllers and Forza Motorsport 3. All yours for €279.99 (US$400). The biggest HDD Microsoft is currently selling for the Xbox 360 is 120GB.

There has been no official announcement of such a bundle from Microsoft. Maybe this is another lucky guess. Maybe Amazon Germany is correct. Again.

We are following up with Microsoft.

Xbox 360 - Konsole Elite 250 GB inkl. 2 Wireless Controller + Forza Motorsport 3 []

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Avid Gamer

I'm telling you these 250 gb consoles for both Microsoft and Sony are their motion control SKUs, 2 wireless controllers, comeon when does Microsoft go out of their way to bundle anything more than is required for what they are trying to sell. They have to give you a regular controller and if they are pushing the motion controller it has to be in the bundle, and lastly the fact that they went out of their way to dig up an old car game to show off at E3. Theres a reason for everything, all signs point to this being Natals Motion controller SKU.