GameStop Joins The PC Gaming Alliance

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The PC Gaming Alliance announced today that their ranks have been bolstered by the addition of eight new member companies, including the world's largest specialist games retailer, GameStop.


Joining the global retail giant are Gas Powered Games - the studio behind Supreme Commander - along with online games portal GameTap, BFG Technologies, Bigfoot Networks, Flextronics, Howie's Game Shack, and InstantAction.

Still not quite seeing how this group is achieving anything, or indeed how important it's going to be to add a bricks and mortar retailer to the team when the future of PC gaming is clearly tied to digital delivery.

Maybe they've just got one hell of a secret clubhouse.

GameStop, Gas Powered, More Join PC Gaming Alliance [Gamasutra]



More like Darth Vader joining the rebellion. I mean, are you kidding me? They're practically mortal enemies! PC keeps coming up with ways to keep resellers and Gamestop refuses to carry more htan half a shelf at best. If they had it their way, PC gaming wouldn't even exist! As far as some are concerned, it doesn't!