GameStop CEO Dooms Amazon's Used Game Biz To Failure

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In a shocking turn of events, GameStop CEO Don Matteo has weighed in on's new attempts to enter the used video games business, saying that the online retailer has no chance of succeeding.

"I give the probability of this working at zero," DeMatteo told Edge Online, noting that the immediacy of credit and cash trade-in value that only brick and mortar stores can offer is what makes the practice appealing to consumers. That and the thrill of peeling away dozens of yellow paper stickers.


DeMatteo says that attempts at GameStop and Electronics Boutique similar to Amazon's model were unsuccessful. He doesn't see Amazon faring much better. And they're also stupidheads.

Given Amazon's turnaround on crediting consumers for used games and the method in which they do it, he may be right. I'm very tempted to try out the Amazon service, but almost equally as lazy.

GameStop: "Zero Chance" for Amazon Trade-In Success [Edge Online]

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I am shocked no one has even mentioned Gamefly. They take trades and sell used games also. Not to mention as soon as I get a day one launch title I automaticly get 20% off of the game. They will send you all of the retail packaging all in mint never used condition. Also when trading games in you also get way more credit than Gamestop could even try to match. Like 10-15% more credit over Gamestop. I haven't bought any used games from Gamestop ever since I got Gamefly, for the simple fact that it's cheaper and the case, manual and disks are in MINT condition with no stickers.

I don't buy anything from Amazon so I can't really comment on thier services.