Gamescom Call of Duty Multiplayer Reveal To Be Streamed On Xbox Live

Illustration for article titled Gamescom iCall of Duty/i Multiplayer Reveal To Be Streamed On Xbox Live

Activision allots the first half of of the hype cycle for each year's Call of Duty to its solo campaign, but when we arrive at Gamescom in just two weeks, the multiplayer half of the super hypeness for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will begin.


And you'll be able to watch this big event from your usual Call of Duty-ing spot, via an Xbox console.

If you're interested in a full rundown of all the different killing games that Sledgehammer's opus will feature, you should mark August 11 at 1pm EDT on your calendar for this stream, which will come down from the heavens through Xbox Live. Even if you aren't really interested, you should watch just so you can make jokes on Twitter.


I mean, sure you can tweet some jokes without watching, but informed mockery is the best kind. On the other hand, Call of Duty rocks so I'm not sure why anybody would want to make fun of it.

source: Major Nelson

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Roger that.

I wonder how it will go, I would like to see it go well. Just please don't mention DLC, season passes, play terrible music or harp on about how real the technology is.